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Railroad Park (2022)

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Project Personnel

Information about the project management team, city representatives, contractor, subcontractor, and the other relevant parties and project details.

Progress Photos

A running log of photographs taken by the project team will be posted here.  Occasional drone imagery and video including time-lapse images will be posted here.

Scope and Extents

Information about the scope, scale, and extents of the project.  How the project came about and what it is intended to achieve when it is completed.

Progress Updates

This running blog is the most updated part of the project information.  This area will provide critical updates and important information for the public.


The original schedule is posted here with the relevant milestones, mobilizations, and closeout periods.


A vault for the publicly available documents is here.  You will find the plans and specifications as well as any updates throughout.


Questions, Comments, or Want a Follow-Up Call?  Submit Information Here!

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