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Restoration is on the way!

Despite the extreme heat we are experiencing this week, you will soon be seeing some action taken on remaining restoration and clean-up along Third Street. Due to weather and specifications, the contractor has had to wait until we are within fall seeding dates and the weather looks appropriate to address.

In the next 2-3 weeks, you should be seeing the contractors address remaining punchlist items. A majority of those tasks will focus on improving the final stabilization and seeding that currently is subpar, which includes such actions as tilling, interseeding, weed and feed, added topsoil/fill, and touch-up grading. Though the most problematic areas are west of Greene Street, we will be assessing and taking care of spot areas within the Phase 1 (east of Greene) limits as well.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding as we waited to address at the appropriate time.

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