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Most of the work we do can be categorized into the following groups.  But it certainly is true that we do a lot more than this as well.  If you don't see it - ask us about it.

Aerial View of Suburban Street
Modern Housing Project
Running Track

Private Development

Our private development work ranges from civil site plans to complex master planning, from due diligence analyses to complicated property condition assessments, and from small retail units to multi-story building designs.  We have helped complete all manner of development including single family, multi family, commercial, religious, non-profit, and more.


Senior housing is booming, and our team is equipped to help with the design of these facilities.  Our Civil group has completed multiple exterior designs and understands the need for sensible access and private escapes.  Our Building Services team understands the special needs involved in diverse and complex structures including specialty code requirements and staffing considerations.


Educational design work starts with a solid team and great communication with the stakeholders that run the facility on both the academic and facilities sides of the house.  Our team has worked to complete small re-roofing projects, press boxes, sports fields, dam investigations, steam and condensate systems, lighting integration, gymnasium additions, and foyer remodels - to name a few.

Fixing a Pipe
Empty Factory
Energy Efficiency Consultation


The Axiom founders met each other while working at a municipality and they reside in that same city today.  Iowa City is at the core of what we are.  And municipal work is at the core of what we do.  Dedicated capitol and special projects require special care to ensure that work is being done to the standards of the institution and under the watchful eye of the public.  Safety and management are paramount and Axiom excels in the execution of these efforts.


Perhaps the newest sector to our company is industrial work but it is one that we are well suited for.  With a number of staff who have many industrial projects under their belt, and a host of partners who have completed industrial designs for decades it was only a matter of time.  We have a number of ongoing efforts at any given time and have been expanding our client base who seem to like our no-nonsense approach to providing exactly what they are asking for.


Axiom provides a host of additional design services for a variety of clients.  From franchised stores that are expanding nationwide, to a 7+ year relationship with Iowa's largest solar installation company, we have fostered specialty offerings acting as "in-house" engineers and owner's representatives in ways that showcase our unique and flexible skillsets and can't really be categorized into a primary group.

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